Saturday, May 8, 2010

My Daily Food Readings

So I often check Serious Eats and NY Mag maybe every day or one every two days. Its very... hypocritical of me.

I would occasionally see articles that say that "this place has the best" so and so. Or this restaurant has awesomely good food voted best by out taste testers.

I'm sorry but I'm beginning to think that these blogs are either selling out or have no taste.

Ny Mag:
1. David Chang
2. General Greene
3. The Vanderbilt

These guys have low rankings on yelp. Not only that but I think David Chang likes salt too much. Even my friend who drinks soysauce thinks his stuff is too salty.

Serious Eats
1. Little Red Hen for Best Cheesecake
2. Amy's Bread for Best Carrot Cake

I'm sorry but I'm tired of Two Little Red Hens getting rep in Red Velvet and Cheesecake. Its seriously not that good to me. but this is just one person's opinion. At least I want the hype turned down a bit. Just a bit.

As for amy's bread, I'm sure they have good bread and I have not tried their carrot cake yet, (though I am always willing to be proved right because if its actually good, then I'll be very happy.) However, Their red velvet had stellar rankings from multiple sources and as a foreigner that was so excited to try her first red velvet cupcake for the first time, theirs was a failure.

I'm just saying. Take things with a grain of salt and trust your instincts. I know what I like, but people can have different tastes. Just because people say certain restaurants are the best and its on a blog doesnt mean that they're not getting money from the place.

Final Presentation

I completely did not show my good side, and I feel ashamed. I was so frazzled. I was so busy worrying and making the new animatic, I didnt get to practice at all. =_=

And to top it all off, I got defensive over my work, almost aggressively. I'm very bad at this. I'm very bad at everything. I apologize. and I've embarrassed myself completely.

This has been an admittedly painful week on my ego. This must be my fault for focusing more on my design classes. But I've been feeling a lot of demotivation lately and that ball is moving fasting and getting bigger.

When I try to be honest about something, I fail and come out as an idiot. And most of the time when I do try at something, it usually comes out bad. This expectation to finish something great that will define you, or at least define you for that moment in life, is intense and apparently I cannot handle stress very well.

Its interesting because theres so many different kinds of stress I'm experiencing that happened since I started sophomore year. In the rest of my life, there wasnt that much stress, or rather, none at all.

I just had a bit of an epiphany

I love texture.

No no no no. wait.

Ok. When I think about movement, choreography, rhythm, juxtaposition, contrast, design, beauty and everything that I admire and love, it all translates into some sort of texture for me. Into something that can be felt physically as something tactile. Think of synesthesia but not really. My favorite pieces cause so much tension on the surface of my skin.

This is the man solely responsible of having me re-evaluate what I'm doing for senior project:

I'm completely getting amanda and the whole dance routine...
but with geometry.
<3! so awesome. 1:55 was the most orgasmic part for me. Though I feel like the flow of the whole piece can be a bit more streamlined into a super smooth arch. There were some parts I didnt get. There were some parts that I didnt like. However, on the most part, I think it was awesome and it did open an idea box for me. If I would make a piece like this, it would definitely be more minimalist. There wouldnt be god involved. And I would concentrate more on beauty, sensitivity, fragility, and chorepgraphy. and a lot of time remapping. a SHIT load of time remapping. you cant even imagine how much time remapping. and I love geometry. because I gave up on drawing a long time ago because my friend was way better than me and I easily got discouraged. (But for some reason, he can still draw better shapes than me. It bothers me.) I'm definitely a sucker for things that are well timed and beautifully choreographyed. and ones with so much expression and texture to the movement. However, I have yet to understand and master the ability and understanding of abstract narratives. What to do? I want to change major but without re-doing the curriculum. But lets imagine for example, if I would make a piece, what would it be about?

I guess it would be about isolation. My favorite topic and something that I've always been interested in expressing, is the feeling of just disappearing into a crowd of people.

To let the noise of the population around you consume your existence. It's all about becoming nothing. Returning into nothing.

I wonder why. I think its because... I dont want to be anywhere.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Robotics and Pre production

fuck the box. I aint doing it anymore. If I can, I would like to concentrate more on screen based things.

I would prefer torture from after effects than I would from electronics that I completely cannot comprehend.


I keep trying to talk about my senior project and my thoughts on it, and then it becomes a personal thing-- too personal for me to post here, so I post it elsewhere. its kind of annoying. I feel like I cant post anything here.

I've re-done my animatic. I cant upload it because its in my external hard drive with a firewire cable on it because the USB cable broke.

I'm on my laptop which doesnt have firewire.

it kind of keeps changing. I really wonder how the compositing thing is working. I have a feeling that doing it in 3d would be kind of easier. Because of the subtleties I want to express.

and god knows I suck at handling a camera.