Saturday, February 27, 2010


blogging 3 times in one day is either productive or whiny.

I talked to Aaron about my project. Existentialism and Nihilism are apparently too angsty for me. My specialties are mostly being bitter and racist for fun.

But as Rob suggested (Nihilism), I checked it out and the definition completely jived with my personal philosophies in life: "all values are baseless and that nothing can be known or communicated." Though I do not consider myself pessimistic, I think it's pretty realistic and in most cases, since everything is relative, nothing matters. (watch this run-on sentence win marathons!)

Though, I am check into all these schools of thought made me remember that, it doesnt purely have to be one school of thought and not another. I can bastardize, and pervert any thought I want to.

I'm just saying.

I did get the Russel's Paradox joke with Minha. My brain just did yoga on that one. It reminded me of Marylin Manson blowing himself-- a stretch yet, gratifying in the end. I give myself a pat on the back for that one. Go me :D

One slightly upsetting thing about my revelation was that... it sounded metaphysical. SHIT.

By Jove, I think I've got it!

Nothing is an extension of our own being.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


I hate existentialism. It's not my shtick to be honest. I like going one level in but not all the way. (This is why I am shallow. Its comforting to be in the box.)

I just dislike the times when the work cant just speak for itself, and I have to make up... SOMETHING to make it make sense. It doesnt have to make sense.

I've been thinking about the suggested direction, making things isnt hard but making an elaborated explanation for things is hard (for me). I remember in class we were all discussing that we should all play our strengths.

Well, philosophy isnt one of them. If I have no strengths (almost literally "nothing" to offer),then what can I do?

/ Why didnt I go into accounting? shoot me.... Well, if i switch into graphic design... I'll stay an extra year... but at least I'll get a job from it. =_=; /

I think what I dont like about existentialism is that its trying to make Nothing into Something, when it is not really Something but just something. What's the point? There is no point. This is why I am not a fine artist. But honestly, I want to do as less coding as possible. (Important fact!)

Friday, February 19, 2010

Nothing Part III

There is the interesting idea in typography where, the negative spaces form the letters. Its the kerning and the leading that the typographers (some) tend to oogle at.

Also, in food culture, in the topic of food culturally defining people, like vegetarians and the like, what defines them is what they do not eat.

So lets go back to that disintegrating piece of plaster. What defines what is happening to it, (the disintegrating) are the spaces that open from it.

BTW, the idea for the box is not destruction. I think emphasis on destruction is over rated.
The idea was about decay---slow disappearance.

I hate concept art.

Anyway, I think so far, I'm exploring two possible definitions of nothing:

1. nothing as the space that defines the objects in surrounds
2. nothing as the space that in constant movement complementary to the subject.

I need one more... for the sake of senior project...

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Nothing Part II

In continuing with the discussion about Nothing, so what is it about Nothing?

Lets pretend that I'm saying what my project is about:

my project is about Nothing as a space occupying space. It is present in its silence. It waits there silently and honestly. And will never try to argue for your attention. I want people to have to really look for it.

I was thinking of having pillars of dense plexiglass in the center of the room. My idea is that, its hard for people to tell sometimes if there is something there because plexiglass is transparent. However, you can tell its there when you really look because things seem a bit distorted.

One thing that I think that parallels with this is that, When you place an object, the negative space moves around the positive form. Thus when a person looks through the plexiglass as they move, the forms move as they move. The plexiglass, one might say, is like empty space itself in its lack of opacity. However it's present because you see that there is a change.

How to make it interactive, I have no idea. I'm still thinking. Leave me be.

Comparative Analysis: Almond Croissant

Street Sweet//Almond Croissant

I have considered myself an Almond Croissant Connoisseur. It has been my slight obsession since I first tried one in Fall 2008. Shame on me on not trying more. But Most likely I ate a lot and repeated most of these places. I do love doing comparative analysis on things like cupcakes, ice cream, burgers, roasted pork bun, okonomiyaki and stuff like that. I get very obsessed with certain foods.

maybe I'll do more of it because i do it way to often.

5* MFING awesome
4* Not Bad
3* Average
2* Maybe Not
1* WTF this shit

Ones that I have tried:
1. Tarralluci e Vino - 3*
2. Tartine (SF) - 4*
2. Choice - 4* (its the crunchy top that gets me)
4. Bread Alone - 2*
5. Madeline - 3*
6. Almondine - 3*
7. La Bergamote - 4*
8. Balthazar - 4*
9. Ceci Cela (from Dean and Deluca) -2*
10. Angelique - 2*
11. Street Sweets - 3*
12. Colson Patisserie - 2* (ok. it was unmemorable.)

New Places to Try:

1. Patisserie Claude
2. J'Adore - 23rd and 5th
3. Financier - the macarons in this place are AWESOME
4. Payard
5. Chez Laurence - Madison ave and 38th
6: Bouley Bakery - Their Oatmeal Cookies arent bad.
7. Petrossian

Friday, February 12, 2010

a post about nothing

Seriously, nothing.

I've thought about it some more and some more, and it made me ask myself, what the fuck am I thinking about?

Basically, what I am saying about nothing?

I guess what I'm interested about is that negative space is a substance in itself. And although it is nothing, and it is something that is commonly overlooked.

I mentioned the example of white noise: though it is something that is atmospheric and is the audio version of negative space, it is a sound that is at the bottom of the hierarchy of your attention. It is something that you hear as you wait to hear what is more important.

Like the air is nothing, however under an angle of sunlight, there are stuffs floating about it.

Nothing is empty.
Nothing is silent.
Nothing is contains.
Nothing is contained.
Nothing is present.
Nothing is something.

It's like that quote in Up, "Sometimes, it's the boring stuff I remember the most." The every day of life that is commonly over looked because of its ubiquity (is that a word?). Silence is the pause that creates the fear when you watch horror movies.

Something that is there but not there. Transparency? Vibration in the air? I dont know~ I generally dislike things that make my brain cells exercise.

This is the start of a new blog.

Kind of. I like blogger's format better than wordpress. I regret saying nothing.


This will now turn into a blog that follows through my preproduction. So sue me.

Went by two galleries today. Pretty much was happy with the both of them.

David Zwirner // Primary Atmospheres: Works from California 1960 - 1970

There's something about minimalist, Light and Space art that I deeply enjoy and always feel at awe with. I think its the simplicity. The lack of distraction. The idea that the material was reduced to something so basic.

This was the second time I saw James Turrell. I was very excited.
james turrell2

james turrell1

What drew me in was actually a picture of Doug Wheele's work: Untitled 1969.

doug wheeler

The other room had this artist named Larry Bell, who's work I've noticed in the Moma a few months ago. I think I was too lazy to find his name then.

larry bell

Bitforms // Daniel Rozin
I've seen his wood mirror thing plenty of times whenever I visit ITP's MFA shows. They brag, mucho.


Though, the concept is still the same. But one of them had a minor difference. When there is a subject, and the subject is in place for a while, the mirrors start creating a ripple like pattern though out its surface. Its quite pretty. Too bad I dont have a video setting.