Monday, November 23, 2009

2000/1 High School Music Nostalgia

Stone Temple Pilots: Plush (acoustic)
Reminds me of: Fatima

Orgy: Stitches
Reminds me of: Jopie.

Badly Drawn Boy: Once Around the Block
Reminds me of: Jobert

Deftones: Change (In the house of flies)
Reminds me of: nu107.5 and how maybe I could have made a better video. (note to self...)

System of a Down: Chop Suey

A Perfect Circle: 3 Libra
Reminds me of: Fatima and Suikoden 2. (Gods, I love this song)

Esquire's Augmented Reality

So if you know about East Asia's obsession with QR codes, Esquire Magazine takes it to a whole new level. It actually makes me want to buy the magazine to try it out. On the other hand, I might just check if my library has that magazine and bring my laptop in.


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Essay to Article to 2009

Excerpt from Excerpts from a Conversation With Satan" by Paul Pfeiffer.
Editha Bensi, a working class home maker and mother of five from the Central Visayan island of Cebu, is another face of the diaspora. A vial of her blood appeared along side three others on the cover of the New York Times Magazine on April 26, 1998. Her family’s blood is a genetic gold mine: for generations the mutant gene considered to be the cause of cleft lip and palate disease has been running through their veins. Editha Bensi’s DNA is now part of the Human Genome Diversity Project, a detailed road map of disease genes that promises to one day provide an “operating schematic for mankind — a detailed picture of who we are and how we work.”

For her services she is given a plastic washtub, a beach ball and a thermos, a fast-food lunch, and candy and cookies for the children. On the agreement she signs with the project, the stated reason why she is not paid in cash is that “ is a means of coercion, and compliance cannot be truly informed and voluntary if it is purchased.”

When the doctors come to take blood samples from Editha Bensi’s children, they struggle to free themselves from doctors’ grip and run away. Mrs. Bensi explains that they are fighters, that they have had to be because they are different. And when Operation Smile arrives with the opportunity for corrective facial surgery, Editha Bensi flatly refuses. The doctors and her husband attempt to persuade her, and she snaps, “You said it didn’t matter how I look.” So why did she agree to give blood to the geneticists? For the good of medical science? For the benefit of future generations? When asked, her answer is clear and simple, “Because they wanted it,” she says. “Because they asked.” How often had she and her family been regarded as the objects of fear, ridicule, and suspicion. Had she ever been approached before as the bearer of knowledge, the one holding the key to understanding the world?

According to the New york Times Magazine this family lives off of her husbands earnings of $2 a day sellings sacks door to door. And for them to just give a plastic washtub and candy?!

WTF. Give them money for the sake of Charity you dick. Give money for the sake of Appreciation. At least buy them a decent meal.

I know I'm 11 years late to say that but still.

ps. I still think my response to Joseph Gordon Levitt's new movie is "WTF, rly?!"

Monday, November 16, 2009

Movie Trailer Roundup

If I have free time, I'll try to imagine going to a movie theater but not actually go because I think its bullshit to spend $11.50 on disappointment. This thinking had solidified itself on me when I was forced to see 30 Days of Night, which I thought was stupid and ridiculous, and people thought I was being a party pooper for not wanting to go at a birthday boy's request.

I wouldnt have minded going if I wasnt so poor, if I didnt think 11.50 for a movie ticket was outrageous, and if the movie was actually something I wanted to see. And so I remember, after that night, I never hung out with them again. that movie was so bad. Thank gods I didnt have to pay for Twilight. I would have to stab someone in the audience for the amount of mental anguish I have to go through. (<-- super bitter)

A Town Called Panic: Wanna watch it? YES!

Seems incredibly interesting. These french people are crazy. It feels like robot chicken in movie theaters and french.

Its so been done. Cute, though.

The White Ribbon: Wanna watch it? Kinda. Pay for it? Maybe...

It actually looks really interesting. I wont go out of my way to watch it but if its there I definitely will.

Serious Moonlight: Wanna watch it? Kinda.... guilty pleasure. Pay for it? No.

At first I thought it was a reminiscent of that horror film where this author was saved, captured and tortured by his fan in the middle of nowhere. But then, I saw Justin Long and I think he's absolutely adorable. That and I still think Meg Ryan's kinda hot.

A Single Man: Wanna watch it? Yes. Pay for it? Maybe...

I thought the trailer was hauntingly beautiful though. and I pretty sure the main character's gay. Cant you see all the nice young boys he's with?

Uncertainty: Wanna watch it? No.

Though I love Joseph Gordon Levitt (and I cant believe he was in New York and I missed a chance to stalk him), I think I'll pass on this one. Usually I trust him with choosing good movies. I think this movie... is unsurprising and not very interesting. Its the type of movie where the audience knows how to solve the dilemma and the movie is really stubborn to listen.

I love the youtube comments though. Especially the "Well, I love Joseph Gordon-Levitt, but wtf is this"


Avatar: Wanna watch it? Ew. Fuck no.

I dont even wanna talk about it.

Despicable Me: Wanna watch it? Maybe. Pay for it? No.

I'm always like this with 3D animation films though. I'm very... hard to please. I love how one of the characters reminds me of Bill Gates and I love the random shark.

Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief: Wanna watch it? Maybe. Pay for it? No.

I'll admit. I wanna watch it cause I think the boy is adorable. But I do feel like I'm gonna walk out of this feeling disgusted.

Who knew the greek gods resided above manhattan? Theres a second trailer out there that will make you feel more disappointed. Thats why I'm reconsidering my decision.

So many disappointments in life already. Strangely Apple Trailers doesnt have that many trailers lately. Last time I was there they had PAGES of stuff. Now, its only 3. Meh.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Panya is Back and random things I eat

New Panya
I dont know if people know but apparently, that popular Japanese bakery next to Sunrise Market is back. Its now bigger, better and has guys behind the counter instead of girls. (I dont know if you guys noticed that.)
New Panya
Anyway, I forgot to take pictures of the inside but they are also serving onigiri and bento from sunrise market at a really nice price. They also have a kitchen there that serves sandwiches and a "traditional japanese breakfast."
Panya: Green Tea Cookie Custard
I decided to celebrate this even by buying a Green Tea Custard Cookie. Apparently I cant find a recipe of this online. I'm too lazy to pay another 2.75 for this one.
Panya: Green Tea Cookie Custard
I've been to Panya before. What can I say about it? I think its so-so. I think their baked goods are okay. I've tried the strawberry shortcake and some of the savory stuff like the yakisoba pan. I used to drink their Green Tea Au Lait a lot until I realized it was just green tea and milk and I can easily make it at home. I've never tried their bread though but I kind of always wanted too because it looked so tall and fluffy. But I guys cafe Zaiya is their competitor which is around the corner along Cooper Square.

But as for New Panya? I think its a lot better. They have nice substantial meals that would definitely beat old Jasmart (when jasmart used to have a cafeteria).


Choice Market's Toffee Date Cake

Choice Market: Toffee Date Cake

the reason why I got this was because of the dates. How was it? incredibly sweet, dense and on the moist chewy side. What you would expect of toffee. It would be excellent if I drank black coffee but alas, I dont even drink coffee. (but I'll eat coffee ice cream.)

Would I eat it again? Not really. Now that i've tried it, I feel ok. Actually, it tasted like something I used to eat when I was a kid. Something like butterscotch brownies. But think... filipino butterscotch brownies. I've never tasted butterscotch in america yet.


Fort Greene Market: Apple Cider Donuts

Fort Greene Market: Apple Cider Donuts

I bought apple cider donuts from a place near madison square park the other day and, man, it was bullshit compared to this one. First off, that place charged a dollar while this one charged 50 cents. Secondly, the people here were a lot nicer. But I actually kind of like it but I wish the flavor was stronger. Both of them, I had to really look for the flavor and they both tasted more like donuts than apple cider donuts.

So since that is the case, I recommend getting the one coated in cinnamon sugar at Fort Greene every saturday. :D I can imagine Shake Shack crumbling this up and mixing it into spiced vanilla custard. yum.


Whole Foods Market: Buttermilk Scone
Whole Foods: Buttermilk scones

I'm not from america, so I generally dont really know how scones work. If its to be eaten alone or with tea or coffee or dipped or was it biscotti that I was thinking of? (<-- grammar fail!)

Anyway, I bought this just because I was curious to this "buttermilk" thing that is prevalent in many american baked goods recipes that are reminiscent of their grandmothers. I dont know what to make of it. I liked the outsides buttery crumbly goodness though and its its almost consistent inside out. But it doesnt really have its own distinctive flavor.

Would I get it again? No. But I have a feeling it would taste good for breakfast in replacement for biscuits. Poured with milk and sprinkled with some sugar. =9


Red Mango: Pumpkin Fro Yo

Red Mango: Seasonal Pumpkin Fro yo

So I left it at the sample. it wasnt good enough to purchase the whole thing. (I dont want to spend extra money). The pumpkin flavor of Phileo's Yogurt was stronger and tastier. However, Red Mango is doing a promotion for these seasonal flavors by giving away free crush graham cracker topping with it.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Food List

I miss going to new restaurants and bakeries. Its because I'm poor. Life sucks, but I have a list:

1. Definitely check out Levain. Their cookies are really popular and I've been hearing about it since way back. This article in Serious Eats completely reawakened my desire to go there. GAH! Cookies!!!

2. A new food truck is in town. Specifically some where in midtown east. Why I'm interested? Because Diabetes will be my eventual destiny. (Though I hope not, but I just said it.) Its called Street Sweet. I think the most interesting part is that the croissants have different types of fillings O_o; One of them is praline and marshmallow cream. I love how they put the word "clean" in all caps in their about section (with a capital E in their "extremely" in the middle of their sentence".

3. I think biscuits are in. Why? After looking at this picture of Biscuits with milk and sugar from thekitchn, it made me start craving it. OF COURSE THAT LOOKS SO GOD DAMN GOOD! ITS GENIUS! I've never had it before but it does look like the ultimate comfort food even if I'm not a native american. And then I thought, oh shit, I need to buy some biscuits from the best place in the city. Where? I have no idea. I was thinking Popeyes actually. (<-- guilty)

But no, I want quality and fancy. If I'll do it, I'll do it right. I'll get Fresh Milk from the farmer's market and buy the best place to buy biscuits from. But where is a really good question. Apparently Clinton St. Bakery Co. has a section of their Bakery called Neil's Biscuits. Oh shit. <3 They might put so much crack in that (and by crack, I mean butter) but it might be really, really good. I've only eaten biscuits once and for the sake of remembering, I'll but these if I have the time. If not, there's this JPs Big Daddy Biscuits Recipe.

ps. if you bake these biscuits call me. There's nothing like freshly baked goods in the early morning.

4. So there a new German Pretzel Shop in town called Sigmund Pretzel Shop. It made me think of my teacher, because he's german. If he ever misses german pretzels, I should tell him. And maybe he can proof it to me if they do taste german. Apparently, they bake a single batch each morning. The interesting flavors to me are: Jalapeno Cheddar, Cinnamon Raisin for $3.00. I guess that's okay (if its huge). I'm a bit worried about the pictures of pretzel sandwiches because pretzel are usually... salty. =s

Monday, November 9, 2009

I super love this song:

Land of Talk - It's Okay from Saddle Creek on Vimeo.


For some reason, watching this video reminds me of the days when I used to play a little bit of table top role-playing games. I love the motion of this video. I wished that if the guy's eye's were blue, it would have been more striking. And why does... he have incredibly long floating hair. Let me be a sexist, but if it were a girl, it would make more sense to me. I dont recall any fantasy characters with ridiculously pantene-like floating hair.

Buro Knapzak | Ident from Buro Knapzak on Vimeo.

This completely motivates me to learn some sort of 3D software that is not Maya. Maya is a deep complicated bitch.

36stairs trailer from grzegorz jonkajtys on Vimeo.

Interesting trailer for a I guess. Would I watch it? Maybe.


Life Experience:

I got locked out of my apartment yesterday. I learned a few things:

1. keep a copy of a key in your wallet.
2. keep a copy of your key at a friend's.
3. keep a copy of your key to your nearest relative.
4. keep a copy of your key where you work.

And most importantly, make sure those copies work and you have the right set of keys.
I had the extra key in my wallet but it was the key to my work place ;_;

This advice will help you pay the bitch that was $188 for that locksmith who tried to flirt with you but you would have been a slut and responded to it if he only gave you a fucking discount. (is life that hard?! help me out here!)


Things to learn:
if he'll have to break the lock, break it. Because either way, the building will call a lock smith and charge it to you anyway. Have an extra lock (for the door) in your apartment. This will help reduce the $89 for the lock that, that bitch just installed.

When I posted that event on my status in facebook, I felt happy that some people were concerned, because it comforted my misery a bit (you know, to know that some people care). Though this experience helped me have that "laughing while crying" moment that movies have, paying $188 is a cock-sucking pain that is not funny. So I think, people who laugh at that should pay me $188. And of course, I'm not referring to my high school classmate, Karla. (Karla, I'm completely referring to you.)

Keep your keys with you!

Friday, November 6, 2009

I feel my self esteem rise

If you go to this url the head of my department (Digital Arts) put my work up in that gallery. I cant really say its uberly impressive of me because in that class, I was the only undergraduate. =_=;

Anyway. There. I was just kind of happy and I wanted to share. I'll go call my mom now.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Fat is the Key and Stopmotion videos rule

The other day, I finally made banana cupcakes after days of countless research on a recipe that had the lowest amount of fat required. After making it, I tried it and I realized that it was... okay. It wasnt bad, but it wasnt excellent. I dont think its my baking skills but I was pretty sure it was the lack of butter or fat in it.

Lately I have been craving for a crumbly delicious banana bread, and after that day's experience with "healthy" banana bread, I realized that I would rather gain ten pounds than eat something completely not worth my time. So, in the end, I threw what I made away and went out to buy a banana nut bread from Choice Market.

Their banana nut bread is pretty good and crumbly. I have mixed feelings about the occasional random plantain in it, though. Maybe if they roasted the plantain, I would feel better about it.


For homework, we were required to make a stop motion PSA, so I just thought of sharing some stop motion videos that I liked. Enjoy!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Food Bonanza

So I ate a lot during halloween. I did not really party (though I attended a party). But yesterday, I spent some time in the city with a few friends and ate shit loads of food.

for breakfast was Shake Shack:

Pumpkin Spice Custard

Shake Shack is a place I frequent. Though it was an important mission for me to go there on october 31 because it was the last day of the month that they would have the pumpkin spice ice cream. And can I say, it was one of the best pumpkin ice creams I've ever tasted. I can taste the diabetic amounts of cream and sugar they place in it. For me, it embodied american autumn-seasonal sweets. (american because of its huge amounts of sugar).

Shack Stack

And, even if I've been to shake shake multiple times, (I mostly go there for the ice cream), I recently tried their Shack Stack, which was basically 2 beef patties and a shroom burger in one gigantic pile of cheesy goodness. I'll have to say that the shroom burger did most of the job in making this delicious. I felt that the saltiness of it just enhanced the flavor and brought everything into a pile of goodness.

For me, what is exciting about shake shack is the ever changing frozen custards calendar. Its like a game of wanting to try everything and discovering new flavors. Sadly I missed some flavors due to the cockblocker called "School." but, really, I could care less. Its just sugary fun when I look for gastronomic distractions in between school work.

Lunch was supplied by New York Coffee and Hotdog.
Generally, I've been wanting to come here for the longest time, because a few weeks ago, I missed on the korean taco cart from LA visiting new york. I will have my revenge. There were a lot of varieties on things that had kimchi bulgogi. There was a burrito-like thing, a burger, a hotdog. I let my friend decide and since we had burger for breakfast, we opted for hotdog.

Kimchi Bulgogi Hotdog

Kimchi Bulgogi Hotdog Crosswise

What did it taste like? It tasted like kimchi with bulgogi and hotdog. I felt that the hotdog was too salty. The bulgogi had very weak flavor. And the kimchi was okay. Maybe a failure at the attempt of an interesting idea but I dont usually let these things stop me. Maybe I'll try to burrito looking thing next time (or the burger :D)

A nice note was that they had mini belgian waffles available. I was going to go for it but instead, my friend and I went to the replacement of Yogurtland next door: Phileo Yogurt

Pumpkin and Lychee Frozen Yogurt

For those that missed Yogurtland, I feel like there was no difference between the two. (even if I had only been to yogurt land once.) But what caught my attention was the goodness that was their pumpkin frozen yogurt and lychee frozen yogurt. I was mucho happy.

Though I did go to L'arte del Gelato for a dessert (after dessert), I'm to lazy to talk about it.

Phileo Yogurt
267 Bleecker St
New York, NY 10014
(212) 206-1824

New York Hotdog and Coffee
245 Bleecker St
New York, NY 10014
(917) 388-3742

Shake Shack
E 23rd St & Madison Ave
New York, NY 10010
(212) 889-6600