Saturday, May 8, 2010

Final Presentation

I completely did not show my good side, and I feel ashamed. I was so frazzled. I was so busy worrying and making the new animatic, I didnt get to practice at all. =_=

And to top it all off, I got defensive over my work, almost aggressively. I'm very bad at this. I'm very bad at everything. I apologize. and I've embarrassed myself completely.

This has been an admittedly painful week on my ego. This must be my fault for focusing more on my design classes. But I've been feeling a lot of demotivation lately and that ball is moving fasting and getting bigger.

When I try to be honest about something, I fail and come out as an idiot. And most of the time when I do try at something, it usually comes out bad. This expectation to finish something great that will define you, or at least define you for that moment in life, is intense and apparently I cannot handle stress very well.

Its interesting because theres so many different kinds of stress I'm experiencing that happened since I started sophomore year. In the rest of my life, there wasnt that much stress, or rather, none at all.

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